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April 5, 1996 - Issue #3

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    In This Issue:

  • URL's for Talk City and the eWorld Time Capsule
  • How to get to the Talk City Chat Server
  • Tips and Tricks for using Talk City
  • Weekend events around eWorld
  • Have you tied up all your loose ends?
  • How to find your friends after March 31

URL's for Talkcity and the eWorld Time Capsule announced
It is here! The "other half" of TalkCity is now up and running, and waiting for you to visit! For up-to-the-minute information on chats and conferences happening around TalkCity, as well as downloading the latest releases from Quarterdeck and Netscape, point your web browser at: and see what all TalkCity has in store for you!

Thanks to the great efforts of Mark CCC and his crack staff, the eWorld Time Capsule is now up and running for your perusal. To see what your friends have to say about eWorld, and what they have added to the capsule, please point your browser at:

Don't forget to check out the Off World Tour. This crazy collection of web pages from eWorld users all over the world will be sure to delight you. Visit web pages from CCC's, ESA's and eWorld users. You can even add your own Web Page to the "Circle of Friends". CCCecret, ResCCCue and the gang at Axon Technology in Australia have been working overtime to bring you this special site. It includes back issues of the "Talk Of The Town" newsletters, a link to the eWorld Time Capsule, more details on Talk City and details on how you can subscribe to the eCommunity and eGames mailing lists :-)

The Off World Tour can be found at

How to get to the Talk City Web Server

Several people have been asking "How do I get to Talk City?" The Answer...

If you're using AOL then right now you can only visit the Talk City Web site at We anticipate that in the near future AOL will be adding the ability to goto IRC servers to their capabilities. More news for AOL users at that time.

If you have a Direct Internet Connection through an Internet Service provider then you can access Talk City's Conferences, Games and chats by using some IRC Client software over the Internet. We use and recommend Quarterdeck's Global Chat software as it adds graphical banners, and URL support. There are other IRC Clients available. Listed below are the instructions for getting Global Chat, and connecting to the Talk City chat server. I've also added instructions for getting to Talk City from Ircle, another popular IRC Client.

Detailed instructions for setting up Global Chat and Ircle appear at the end of this Newsletter :-)

Tips & Tricks for use in Talk City

The mail coming in about TalkCity often says the same thing... people are aware TalkCity exists, but what all can it do? Here is just a partial listing of commands one can use in TalkCity. Please note, all of these commands must be executed after successfully logging in to TalkCity with your IRC client...

To receive a listing of active rooms in TalkCity, type /list.
(Global Chat Users select "Refresh List" from the Channels menu)

To enter a room, type /join <roomname>.

To leave a room, type /leave <roomname>.

To leave one room and switch to another, simply type /join <roomname>
(the room you want to switch to).

Would you like to create a private room/channel for friends and associates to meet in? It's really easy...

First of all, to create a private channel, type /join <roomname>. If you are the first one in the room, you will have Channel Operator status. If you are not the first one to enter, you are just a regular guest. ;-D As channel operator, you are able to execute a few more commands than your guests.....

To set a topic for your room, type /topic #<roomname> followed by your topic, and then tap the return key lovingly.

To HIDE your room from view (although TalkCity does not guarantee it cannot be found), type /mode #<roomname> +s.

These should be enough to get you started... more to come in subsequent
issues! :-)

Happenings around eWorld.... the final countdown!

As most of you know, the last weekend of eWorld is jam-packed with fun events!!! Featured below is an itemized, hour-by-hour accounting of all the final e*World events. Plan your schedules accordingly, because we want to see you there!!!

*Asterisked events are regularly scheduled conferences

eWorld Update*
Silly Sentences*

Paths to the Future! - 1-1/2 hours


A Wedding to Remember-- join Pulpiteer, et al as we marry off Town Crier and AutoEAC!! They registered at K-Mart, and we hear they still need a paper towel holder... :-)

BackBeat Bar & Grill*

The Dining Room




Lights Out, eWorld! Pub Tour

Town Square Countdown

Monday, 12:01AM
Talk City!

Have You Tied Up All Your Loose Ends???

If you have not done so already, please remember to set your forwarding address, so eWorlders and others can reach you for up to 90 days (that's the end of July, for those who are counting) Ummm... what's that?? You have no forwarding address? Well, you have until midnight tonight to download the AOL installer from keyword: ALOHA and register to take advantage of 20 free hours. Otherwise, you will be limited to the ten free hours AOL normally offers.

Un-subscribe from mailing lists and news groups that send you mail from an automated server... then, re-subscribe from your new eMail account. If you don't, many ListServs will drop you automatically if they find that your address is no longer valid.

For further info, check out shortcut: ALOHA. :-)

How to reach the Talk of the Town...

We appreciate and welcome your feedback to this newsletter. The editor welcomes suggestions, constructive criticism, flowers, and chocolates at any time! Please send all submissions to:

Eric (JazzyEric) McKirdy, Editor

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